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Relaxation and well-being in Tuscany

The beautiful Tuscan landscapes are the ideal place for anyone who is looking for a relaxing escape from the stress and tensions of everyday life. From the Lunigiana to the Crete Senesi region, itís possible to find many spas where you can take refuge for a holiday dedicated to relaxation and psychophysical well-being. Tuscany is exceptionally rich in hot springs, scattered throughout the whole area, making it one of the leading regions nationwide. The Tuscan offering of wellness and spas is synonymous worldwide with excellence and quality of services, ranging from beauty, facial care and body treatments, to thermal and healthcare therapies. Whether itís for a treatment or just to simply relax, why not try a holiday a little bit off the beaten path and one that is dedicated to health and wellness? If youíre looking for a pleasant break away from everything and everybody, let Sunny Tuscany & Italy help you to discover the sweet ďpearlsĒ of wellness scattered throughout wonderful Tuscany!

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Wellness and Spas

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